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Educating the public, especially her fans, meant they would be able to make more informed decisions about smoking down the line.“I believe it’s important for people to be aware,” she said.

“Tobacco is still the number one cause of preventable death in the US.”For those facing pressure to smoke, Jones said that choosing who you surround yourself with makes all the difference.“If all you hang around with are people who harm their bodies, who don’t really have goals in life, who are negative people, then eventually you’re going to turn into them,” she said.

Take fun quizzes, personality quizzes, love quizzes and more.

These days, it's easy to follow celebrity couples on social media and keep track of their every move.

But back in the '90s and '00s, things weren't so easy.

What starts out as a dating quiz determines whether or not you’re being targeted by big tobacco.

, the newest campaign from Do and singer-actor Coco Jones, gives the traditional online quiz a shocking twist.

You have over thousand fun quizzes to take and enjoy. If you are honest and clear hearted in life, then naturally you will be called a good girl.

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