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And other numerous EU concepts are in the pipeline, such as European venture capital funds and social entrepreneurship funds.KAGB The draft law intended to implement the directive contains a completely new, and in large part, completely rewritten KAGB, the capital investment law.What we know is that they plan to distribute a “significant amount” in the second quarter of 2017 and then have 5 years time to fully liquidate.

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In the Kan Am calculations, fund performance is still being measured from five years before the final fund suspension and until August 31 2015.

FRANKFURT, Jan 20 (Reuters) - Germany may reform rules under which investors can pull their money out of the country's ailing open-ended real estate funds, Handelsblatt reported on Thursday, citing political sources.

The second element of institutional asset management business, external Spezialfonds, once again fell in 2011, as in 2010.

Assets under management in such vehicles for 2011 amounted to €286bn, a reduction of €21bn year-on-year.

Leading the field is Kan Am itself which has realised €3.9bn.

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