Eduardo verastegui dating ricky martin junior dating a senior

“You have to take care of it [sex] in order to be able to share it with the mother of my children, in this case, my wife, who I’m eager to meet so I can tell her I’ve already been faithful to her for 14 years, even before I even met her.”Janel Saldana joined the Latin Times family in March 2015. On Thursday, the “Little Boy” producer was presented with the Veritas 2016 award at the Universidad Anáhuac in Mexico, where he was questioned about his current status.“The ideal woman for me will be the one I get married to,” the Tamaulipas-born told Mexican newspaper Reforma. “I’ve met women, but I haven’t been able to find that connection one needs to take the next step.”Verástegui, who claims his life decisions have taught him to respect the opposite sex on a greater level, reinforced his original statement and disclosed that engaging in sexual acts is not bad, but in his personal opinion, it is something sacred, which is why he will continue to practice celibacy until marriage.“One of the things I’ve learned through my faith is that sex is sacred,” the actor said. Since Ricky Martin's parade out of the closet, folks have been trying to figure out how long he knew and who his past lovahs have been.

“That helped me understand that I was full of contradictions. Not because I didn't want it to be, but because I didn't know better.”Fast-forward three years, the 41-year-old actor is still being truthful to his beliefs and proudly admits he has been celibate for 14 years. I’m looking right, back, front, up, to see where she is.”The actor added that even though he would love to meet “the one,” sometimes what we want is not in God’s plan, so we have to learn to accept God’s will.“I’m always asking if that’s God’s will in my life, because you can’t force what’s not meant to be, and just get married to get married,” he said.

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We can do it only if we do not think of the future or the past, if we know that life can only be found in the present moment.” 3] 4] 5] Anger.

Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin are the hot pink and motorcycle chic dynamic duo repping MAC Viva Glam 2012.

She is most passionate about traveling, entertainment in all its forms and animal advocacy, especially dogs.

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