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When Gillian Welch released Revival in April of 1996, the LP was hailed as an alt-country classic, an influential Americana album at a time when that movement was in its mere infancy.

Twenty years later, the collection is getting a significant re-release.

Watson and Welch, each dressed for Little House on the Prairie, sang lead on a handful of tunes, including “Wayside” and Charley Jordan’s “Keep it Clean,” Welch’s voice haunted or belting, Watson’s a down-home call.

Jones played mandolin like you’d expect a musician formed in the riffage of Zeppelin to play, frequently killing runs along the neck, occasionally twining leads around Rawlings’ guitar work.

Ascending and turning our spitfires to face them, heading straight for them I press down my guns.." By Tourniquet. The burn of death is what you crave..." By Tracy Chapman. Inspired by actual events taking place in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. This song is about living a healthy lifestyle, striving for goals, the importance of friendship and remaining drug and alcohol free. And I feel proud of all my friends when I see them working for their dreams... It's the only way to be..." By Allman Bothers Band. You see I've always been a fighter but without you I give up... About regret, taking someone's love for granted, and trying to redeem yourself."... I'll face whatever comes my way, savor each moment of the day. That's why there's always tomorrow to start all over again..." By Al Stewart. With the blink of an eye you finally see the light... Her plane fell in the ocean, far away..." By Jewel. I wrote this indirectly for Kurt Cobain, but more precisely for the angst he represented.

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