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“It is too difficult to define and parse what is ‘appropriate’ versus ‘inappropriate’ drinking in the office,” he wrote. Cigarettes, plastic cups filled with beer, and several used condoms were found in the stairwell,” she wrote. Do not use the stairwells to smoke, drink, eat, or have sex.

Apparently this distinction was a hard one for Zenefits employees to draw. Please respect building and company policy and use common sense.”It is clear that Zenefits is trying to sweep the red plastic cups and empty beer bottles now plaguing its image.

Silicon Valley has been on a tear over the last several years, as young people with big ideas and access to even bigger capital flows have been recklessly blowing that cash (and blowing off steam) in pursuit of the next unicorn.

But as funding dries up and valuations plunge, the party appears to be coming to an end. O., Parker Conrad, publicly resigned amid concerns over the company’s regulatory compliance and its frat-like culture.

There are calls to return, the phone rings nonstop, and her staff is lining up with questions.

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