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His teen flame, an independent woman who sometimes sleeps with him, and a group of lesbians give him advice, as does Anabeth, dead but lively in his dreams.

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'It was during this year that I had experienced traumatic loss in nearly all aspects of my life, including the heart-breaking death of a beloved family member that sent me over the edge.'When my life started to spin out of control due to the pain of loss and separation from the people who mattered most to me in this life, I clung to the one thing I knew how to fully control - my food.

Hannah says: 'Anorexia stole my life away from me - every memory and every moment was tainted by the demon living inside of my head.'The 21-year-old said that each morning she would wake up with the weight of the world on her shoulders and says the mere act of opening her eyes to a new day seemed nearly impossible.

Donald Trump, Stone Cold Steve Austin and WWE wrestler Bobby Lashley get ready to shave Vince Mc Mahon's head after Mc Mahons lost the main event of the night, "Hair Vs. Wrestle Mania 23 at Detroit's Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan on April 1, 2007.

A young woman with anorexia that 'stole her life' would exercise excessively for seven hours a day and at the height of her suffering would consume just 800 calories.

She would do three hours of track, followed by another three hours of gymnastics and spent an hour on her cross-trainer before bed each day.

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