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Growing up online has its tremendous possibilities – and its perils. What happens in the online world is a reflection of society at large.As the boundary between online and offline fades, explore what children face today – and how we can all support them. Violence, exploitation and abuse children might face in their homes, schools and communities are mirrored by violence they may face online. Perpetrators may produce, distribute and consume child sexual abuse material; victimize children through live streaming their sexual abuse; and groom children online for sexual exploitation.Child sex offenders are fast to adapt the latest technology to perpetrate crimes against children.

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The company can’t access user data even if it wanted to.

Crucially – and this is the bit to pay attention to – law enforcement agencies who turn up at its offices can’t either. End-to-end encryption helps make communication via Whats App private, sort of like a face-to-face conversation.” In addition to video calls, Whats App users now enjoy this security feature for messaging and phone calls too.

The latest bit of Whats App to get the security makeover is face-to-face video calling, a new feature being added to the program in a global roll-out from this week.

So why has encryption suddenly become so important to everyone?

Naturally, Whats App and other companies busily integrating end-to-end encryption into their software emphasise privacy. An alternative explanation is that Whats App and other software makers are busily adding strong encryption to protect themselves as much as users.

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