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A royal funeral An earl was an important official who, in the king’s absence, controlled a region or even an entire country.Such a person would probably have earned a princely funeral.She has been dazzling with her fashion choices during the promotional tour for her new film, Wonder Woman.

Bjarne Henning Nielsen, an archaeologist based in northern Jutland, believes that he may have found the tomb of the famous Viking chief Ulv Galiciefarer, the great-grandfather of Valdemar the Great, who was king of Denmark from 1157-1182.

“It’s just a theory, an idea, but somebody has to say it first,” Nielsen told Videnskab.

By one of our favourite new designers Magda Butrym, this beauty has got it all.

A rich shade of red, a sexy asymmetric hemline, frills and a cold shoulder cut out. If we had a spare £1325 we'd be placing our order now. But if you're feeling flush and have fallen for this scarlet dream then click (right) to snap it up at Harvey Nichols. It's super versatile and will look as killer with tough girl ankle boots as it does with Connie's thigh highs or even a pair of slinky high heel sandals.

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