Difference between dating black men white men newest dating site in american

Question: Do all white men think all Black women are hoochie mama, welfare, child bearing, uneducated b******?

This is more easily done by intelligent, liberal-minded people; since intelligence and liberalism correlates with college education, both individuals in a BW-WM pairing are more likely to be educated or meet at places associated with smarts and status (museums, etc..) Furthermore, since the White man is at the top of the social hierarchy in America, dating a Black woman would actually be a social step down.

The only way to compensate for this is if you have the “trophy” wife–which is why in BF-WM pairings, the woman is more often-than-not highly educated, above average in looks, and everything else that you’d want in a woman.

This creates a conflict with many white men, especially those from my generation (age 47) or older.

It comes from a mix of racial AND gender stereotyping.

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