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Occasionally a pattern was re-launched many years after the initial offering and the same design can then have two numbers. Of those that did, some were included as part of the marks within or alongside the backstamp eg Golden Catkin, Hampton and Guelder Rose others were used as a general reference eg Tree, Magnolia and Zebra.

See the sub-section detailing names as part of this main section.

As china manufacturers they were said to rival Josiah Wedgwood for ceramic development and quality - known especially for Adams Ironstone but also made earthenwares, Parian, creamware, and Jasper wares. see Aynsley England Bone China page Founded 1859 in Beleek, N. Bloomfield was the local landowner who owned the village of Belleek.

supplied many different ceramic products to markets at home and abroad.

The company launched innovative designs, it led some markets, notably in lustre ware, and it responded to fashion as befits any forward-thinking business.

It was John Beswick who first received the rights to reproduce the characters and 1997 marked the 50th year that Beswick and Royal Doulton had been producing Beatrix Potter figures.

The initial range produced in 1948 consisted of 10 figures.

In the 1950s and 1960s, in addition to the fancy earthenware, Shorter & Son Ltd was a successful and prolific manufactured good quality domestic earthenware and of note from this period are the company’s Cottage Ware, Fishware, oven-to table ware and florists accessories.

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