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When her father (Bruce Greenwood) does everything he can to keep them apart, their love affair becomes reckless, as they give in to their passion.

During a press conference to promote the film, actor Alex Pettyfer talked about finding the right tone, his favorite romantic films, making this version more accessible for audiences, how secure he is about approaching women, working with this cast, how awkward kissing scenes are to shoot, what he remembers about his own first love, and that he’s currently unemployed but auditioning. Collider: How did you strike the right balance in tone for a romantic film, and what are some of your favorite romantic films or romantic comedies?

We access the movie at a point where he’s already a little bit in love with Jade.

He is the only son of English parents, Richard Pettyfer and Lee Robinson.

's Alex Pettyfer and Dianna Agron have called it quits.

Sources are saying that the couple, who were dodging engagement rumors just weeks ago, broke up because Dianna was upset about a racy photo shoot that Alex did before they started dating.

There's nothing we enjoy more than one of our favorite hot guys getting all cute and cuddly to talk romance, so we are loving Alex Pettyfer's latest chat with Cosmopolitan, where he spills all the details on his perfect date.

All we need now is it for actually to be with us, and we'll be happy.

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