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Hohle Fels is a well-known archaeological site located in south western Germany in an area known as the Swabian Jura or Swabian Alps, part of province of Baden-Württemberg.

Some years ago I found this info on dating Lefton china and figurines on the internet… It’s not an all inclusive guide, but is certainly a good starting point.

Its uniqueness is due to its material (while this is stone, most figurines are clay), its skillful carving and its intact condition, according to Ian Hodder, a Stanford University professor who has led an international archaeological team at Çatalhöyük since 1993, reached by the Associated Press (AP).

Hodder told the AP that this statuette was presumably a ritual object, based on its location beneath a platform, rather than in a rubbish pit.

This week, the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced an exciting new discovery at Çatalhöyük in southern Anatolia, central Turkey, the site of a well-preserved Neolithic settlement: a statuette of a zaftig female dating to around 8000-5500 BC.

The marmoreal stone object, with such details as hip creases and an indented navel in a protruding stomach, weighs 1kg and is 17cm in length.

The recent discovery consists of a breast and part of the stomach.

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