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But it wasn’t until this week that the humorist confirmed our suspicions. , a show about “news, views and dudes” hosted by Ben Harvey and Dave Rubin in New York.

And then there was Chicago (we saw him there, too, with his trademark glasses and quirky take on culture). We weren’t stalking Mo Rocca, we swear, but we seemed to run into each other a lot – and at gay places and gay events.

A Greenwich Village resident, Rocca juggles an active itinerary.

One week he’s interviewing grandparents in Connecticut and Michigan (and even throwing out the first pitch at a Detroit Tigers game); the next he’s doing voiceover work for “Ravioli” episodes, interviewing Hugh Jackman for a “Sunday Morning” Tony Awards segment and appearing as a panelist on the NPR quiz show “Wait Wait … ” “Let’s just say it keeps things interesting — until it gets exhausting,” he jokes. “On your tax return where you have to write an occupation, I probably at this point would write, ‘Guy who interviews people and interjects humor where appropriate.’” On “CBS Sunday Morning,” you’ve done everything from a history of work cubicles to a profile of hockey great Bobby Orr. “I like projects where I can fill in the gaps and learn something.

Currently a correspondent for "CBS Sunday Morning," a panelist on NPR's hit weekly quiz show, "Wait, Wait... " as well as the host and creator of the Cooking Channel's "My Grandmother's Ravioli," Rocca, like his story subjects, is delving deeper into his own identity.

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