Dating a man with teenagers

After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. He has a 17 year old daughter that I adore, and until yesterday I thought the feelings was mutual with her... I have an 18 year old who was 16 when my BF and I started dating. I just don't see how a child can try to control a parents love life, I respect her home and her things and her time alone with her dad...shouldn't she do the same?She popped off " is_______ spending the night tonight, too? The only time the BF spent the night at my house when my son was home, was if there was some special circumstance where we got home after midnight or so. I can't tell from your post if you routinely spend the night at the house when the daughter is there and just don't sleep together, or you only stay over when she is not there. as I've never had to deal with this my parents have been married for 48 years... Are you sleeping over when she also sleeping there at the house? I think in 5 months months I've stayed there while she is there 3 times..I sleep in the extra bed room.I had dated a man with two children that he had every other weekend and it did not work out mostly because of the way their mother was raising them.

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I never wanted to have children and when I hit my late thirties, I really thought the whole ‘to have kids or not to have kids‘’ debate was over even if it sent my mother into a fit of hair-pulling tears. Perfect’’s problem this was entirely my problem as I was the one with the hang up about kids and it was up to me to either move on or adjust my thinking.

I had dated guys in the past that had a child or two as well as the ex-wife baggage but it had never worked out my lifestyle was just not meant to have children a part of it. In some ways, I was lucky I knew about the child long before I had to make a decision about whether this was the man for me. Right had always been upfront about his son and ex-wife so as I got to know him, I also got to know about his son he never held anything back just in case it would scare me away.

Hi, I'm new here Not sure exactly where to place ths post but here it is. I am in the midst of (not a fight because we do not fight, we "discuss") a discussion that may seemingly be leading down the path to a break up, which perhaps may be the right thing to do. He has great character & has his intentions in the right place for the most part (although it hurts me in the long run).

I'm posting about this because, sure, advice & feedback is great, but I also want to be able to help & relate to other women going through what I am. So because of this, of course he is a wonderful dad. But ladies, if you didn't know this already, know it now: YOU WILL NEVER BE FIRST.

He travels a lot with his job, & his ex is "sick" with "chronic fatigue syndrome" but really I think she is a hypochondriac & is just taking him for a financial ride for all he's worth (he's a lawyer & makes great money, but it all goes to paying her & paying for the livlihood of his kids).

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