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Siam Paragon and bookstore may bring anxiety to some, but it will bring you the best results.

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While some may be more approachable to foreign learners than others, they’re surely all not flawless.

The phonemic transcription system used here is officially recognized, unfortunately not always consistent and certainly not flawless either but, in our opinion, comes as close to the original sound as possible.

We may laugh and suggest that an ugly women may “look like a dude”— but in Thailand the reverse is true, as the hot girl you have spent the past 2 weeks “wooing” may actually be secretly harbouring, a shlong…

It is a tricky conversation that ultimately needs to be had, but just like it is offensive to ask a fat woman whether she is pregnant— asking a girl whether she is a “ladyboy” can immediately result in you ruining any chance you thought you had with her if she turns out to be a female, genetically. The best way of spotting a ladyboy are the size of the hands or the adams apple, but these things can also be concealed, making it sometimes almost impossible to spot.

This is their career for many of them, so investing in becoming as real to a lady as possible is their priority.

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