Normal dot not updating

” My speculations and further comments on the matter cannot be written in a public venue. This is the “blank” document on which all new MS Word documents are based.

If you work at a larger office or corporation, chances are your IT staff have already rectified this ghastly situation for you.

normal dot not updating-53

That's OK..the end of the world..long as I can recover my macros. Save off the macros from the 2010 template and then bring them into a new 2016 template?

------ Update: I went back to the 2010 template and exported the macros.

Basically Word opens fine in the local LAN, but when they go use it at home they error shown in the attached screenshot. Upon trying to re-open it is when the error appears.

All of the other products in the office suite Outlook, Powerpoint and Excel seem to work fine. I did a Office 365 repair which re-installed the software, but the same issue appeared.

If you ever had Word 2003 or earlier installed on your system, then a copy of will be in your Templates folder; it may have been renamed Normal11by a later Word installation.

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